Meet Flexblog! Fast & Creative Personal WordPress Blog Theme


Getting started with Flexblog


Enjoy the most flexible blog you’ve ever used. Flexblog will impress you with it’s simple, clean and modern design. It is really easy to use and ideal for WordPress beginners or even for advanced users. Fully responsive, fits any size of display from lower to higher resolutions and supports all modern browsers. Easily customizable with WordPress Live Theme Customize. Flexblog gives you the power to customize your blog as you wish, in short time. The audience will be attracted by it’s creative and smart elements. The rest of functionality will ensure, that you get smart choice.

If you have any kind of theme related or presale questions, please ask it via commenting THEME LINK or contact me at

Thank you for purchasing this theme!


Extract the zipped package downloaded from ThemeForest to your desktop. In the extracted files list you will find archive which is the WordPress theme file. 

You can choose between two ways of installation: WordPress Dashboard or FTP Upload.

WordPress Dashboard

  • Login to your WordPress admin area
  • Navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New
  • Click the Upload button
  • And upload your file
  • Click on Activate Theme and ENJOY!

Please note: If you try installing the entire zipped theme package or another incorrect file, you'll likely receive this error message:

"The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed."

Looks like you have uploaded a “” file which you have downloaded from Themeforest, it’s NOT correct! You need to extract the package and upload  "". on your website, then you won’t get that error :) Here is a good read:

FTP Upload

  • Extract archive on your desktop
  • Upload flexblog folder to /wp-content/themes/ directory on your server
  • Login to your WordPress admin area and activate flexblog


Creating Wordpress Posts is easy as 1, 2, 3. So I'm not going to explain you how to create them, but we will talk about Post Formats and if you aren't familiar with them, please glance on this link before we continue.

FlexBlog Theme supports the following Post Formats:

1. Standard - this is default Post Format, which displayed Featured Image and Post Content only.

2. Gallery - this format allows you to create posts with featured gallery slideshow. You can add images via clicking Add Image button which opens Add Media popup, then upload images from your local machine or load them from your media library. Also you can Add, Remove or Edit images any time you want. It's important to know that image Title will be used on image Captions for Galleries. You can manage them from your Media Library or via clicking on Edit button which links to an image editing screen. Also you can change image order via drag & drop functionality. Please Note: This format REQUIRES Royal Backed Gallery Plugin to work.

3. Link - this format supports Link Description, Link Title (may be author) and actual URL fields. Note that URL will be attached only to the Link Title.

4. Image - this format supports to display Feature Image in the Lightbox.

5. Quote - this format is quite the same as Link, but it doesn't require additional URL field.

6. Video - this format supports Embed codes which you should copy-paste from for example: Vimeo or Youtube in the given textarea.

7. Audio - this format is quite the same as Video, but it only supports Soundcloud embeds.


Creating pages in wordpress is the same as creating posts(WP Dashboard > Pages > Add New.), so we won't discuss them in details right now, but in short: Go to Pages > Add New > Enter Page Title and Content, then tick a page metaboxes and you are done.

FlexBlog Theme have Page Options Panel, which will help you to get your suitable page template.

How to Create Contact Page?

In short, we need to create a default page with for example: "Contact" and add the necessary content which will display Contact Form and Google Map (optional). For this we will need to install well known wordpress plugin - Contact Form 7 which is fully compatible with FlexBlog Theme. After you install the plugin "Contact" link will appear in the dashboard menu, go to it and copy Contact Form 1 shortcode, then go back to your recently created Contact Page and pate this shortcode into the Page Editor field.

If you also want to have a Google Map on your contact page go to Google Maps find your desired location and get an embed code, copy it and paste in the Contact Page Editor field - before or after the Contact Form 1 shortcode.


To show Menus in the page header area go to Appearance > Menus and create a new menu, then add pages to it and assign Theme Locations. FlexBlog Theme supports two different theme locations for wordpress menus: Top Menu and Main Menu. Top Menu will appear in the top bar (very top of the page) and. Main Menu will appear near the logo and it supports multiple sub menus, we may you can add as much as you want. Don't forget to click on "Save Menu" button whenever you end all necessary operations.


With Flexblog Theme Customize you are free to create multiple variations of Blog Page Layouts. Go to Appearance > Customize > Layouts Section and you will see all the available options there. You can change post columns, horizontal or vertical gutters (space between posts), choose Sidebar position, show/hide different elements on posts and so on..

Also it is possible to have First post full width, when you are using multi layout (List/Grid).

You can also hide Sidebar, Feature Image and Logo on each single page.


When you first activate FlexBlog, you should notice a banner notification across the top of your dashboard advising you to install specific required & recommended plugins.

Install Required Plugins

Click "Begin installing plugins" link and check the boxes  in the "Begin installing plugins" page> select "Install" from the drop-down menu > and click "Apply". 

After that, follow the same steps, select "Activate" from the drop-down menu > and click "Apply". Now you have installed all recommended plugins and have more possibility.

FlexBlog Theme supports Instagram widget in the footer area. To get this working you need to install Instagram Slider Widget plugin, then go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Instagram widget into the "Instagram Widget Area", enter your Instagram username and select template "Thumbnail- Without Border".

Please Note: Do not place the @ symbol in before your username in the Username Field. Also be sure to set your Instagram profile to "public", in the other case images will not be shown. also "Number of images to show" and "Number of Columns" value would be same.

Theme recomends Facebook Widget plugin, which could be downloaded from Wordpress' free plugin repository.

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild
 - this plugin should be used If you have changed Carousel or Post Thumbnail sizes from Theme Customize.

How To Use Envato Wordpress Toolkit 

1) After the install&Activate plugin you see on your dashboard’s menu Envato Toolkit. Click this menu to go to the settings page of the plugin.

2) From this page, you’ll need to enter your ThemeForest Marketplace username and your Secret API Key. To get your Secret API Key, head on to your ThemeForest dashboard and navigate to your My Settings tab. Under this tab, click the API Keys menu item on the left. Now, to generate an API Key, you need to click the Generate API Key button on this page to generate a new key. If this is successful, a new key will appear under the Your API Keys list. Copy this key and use this key to enter in your Envato WordPress Toolkit page on your WordPress admin.

3) If you have both your username and Secret API Key on your Envato WordPress Toolkit page settings, click the Save Settings button.

4) After you have clicked the Save Settings button, the page will reload and all your purchased themes will appear just below the Envato WordPress Toolkit page where you can just click the update automatically link to update your WordPress theme automatically to its latest version.


Here we go! Wordpress' Live Theme Customizer Options Panel is a main advantage of Flexblog Theme. Go to Appearance > Customize and see the magic :). All theme options are located here. I won't exlain each control in details, because they are self-explanatory and each sections is pretty simple to understand how it works. From the Theme Customizer you can add Custom CSS for special purposes and also Google Analytics code too.

Theme has possibility of uploading the header background image, which will be displayed on all pages. If you want to have different header background image in specific page, it's necessery to go to editing screen (admin panel) of this page and upload image on each page.

Category page header image: